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Partner Program

How to get started

Submit the application for our review. If you’re eligible, we’ll get in touch and walk you through the onboarding process so you can set your preferences and start buying.


There is no fee to get started. As you receive and complete assignments, you will only be billed based on the bid you set. Some of that bid will be invoiced to you by CBH as a fee, and the rest will be paid to the Seller as their offer.


You’ll need the proper commercial licensing required by law in your area. Unfortunately, unlicensed individuals cannot buy cars from us. We'll also talk through your buying needs and what pricing looks like in your area to make sure we're a good fit for you.

How does buying work

We want to make it super-easy for sellers and we also want to get them the most money we can. So, you specify what types of cars you want, your price range or bid, and the areas you cover. When your pre-set bid is the highest of all the other offers, if the seller accepts it you are automatically assigned this vehicle. We call that an assignment. At this point, the vehicle is pretty-much yours to buy. You can only reject the assignment if something is significantly wrong.

How to get assignments

An assignment happens when your pre-set bid is the highest offer on a vehicle and the seller accepts it. This means we've matched you with a seller. The assignment itself includes all the information you'll need to pick up the car and pay the seller. Your CBH Buyer account will always show your latest assignments. We'll also notify you via email or SMS when new cars are assigned to you or something changes.

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